Entry #259

New test or something

2017-05-14 17:23:49 by madnesia19

I was supposed to make a timelapse out of this but Craptasia Studio decided to be a bitch and ruin my day, so here's the test I guess


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2017-05-14 17:59:41

If you have an Nvidia CPU or GPU then try using Shadowplay


2017-05-14 21:37:26

craptasia studio lo ha vuelto ha hacer.. ,a mi me cago ya 2 videos :,p


2017-05-14 23:37:16

Look so much better now, really like it


2017-05-16 15:57:51

o OMG its a very coooooooooooooooool and goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2017-05-18 02:57:57

the agent that use sword.. his hand movement look glitchy, but i dunno i think its my eye, nice test btw.

madnesia19 responds:

yes, you're right, it's glitchy xp


2017-05-22 06:44:06

Long time, no see

madnesia19 responds:

long time no see too :D