Entry #273


2018-01-18 19:37:15 by madnesia19

Stay tuned...

BTW, here's the last AMA3 Aftermath Comic


3807900_151632215271_Comic7.png3807900_151632220291_Comic8.pngNow... You know what comes next... :)


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2018-01-18 19:52:09

The hype┬┤s about to kill me ;33333333

madnesia19 responds:



2018-01-22 08:32:23

I just noticed that AMA4 is out on youtube why didn't you uploaded it on newgrounds tho ?

madnesia19 responds:

Would have gotten deleted, just like AMA 2 and 3


2018-02-10 12:37:30

Peterson wasn't't that badass in ama 4 let's hope he makes a comeback and doesn't get his ass kicked. Also do you even wank bro BECAUSE I DO 7 TIMES A DAY

madnesia19 responds:

he ain't coming back ;3


2018-02-11 08:12:25

;3 r.i.p Peterson died from an ass kicking AMA 4 was a good animation poor Johnny he got the worst weapon and got killed he also got called names by you an moustro he's like a mix of Kenny and butters from south park

madnesia19 responds:

lol poor guy xd


2018-02-20 18:56:38

I just watched AMA 3 again and i must say that Peterson origianly was shot in the frontal part of his jaw and in AMA 4 we see his wound on the side HOW DID HIS WOUND MOVED???

-top 10 questions that scientists still can't answer


2018-02-23 11:41:37

Tell everyone to see Ama 4 please