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madnesia19's News

Posted by madnesia19 - May 28th, 2019

I'm still choked up as I write this, and I still can't believe it happened, but it was something unavoidable.

This might have been my hardest hour yet, and even if I prepared myself for this... it still hit me like a fucking freight train

My sweet adorable cat, whose name was Tot (named after the egyptian god), had to be put down to sleep today. He had some kind of ''neuronal virus'' that didn't have any cure at all, a virus that made him stop eating altogether, lose a shit ton of weight, and recently started to slowly paralyze his back legs (he couldn't even walk small distances without having to lay down on the floor), and the pills that the vet told us to give to him didn't work at all. We could see in his eyes that he was starting to suffer, probably because he actually felt hungry and wanted to eat, but this fucking virus made him lose any willpower to actually to it (since it also gave him some jaw issues).

My mother, sister and I decided that we didn't want to see him suffer any longer and we made the most logical choice, to end his suffering and let him rest in piece.

I'm not religious at all, but I could agree with my mom that Tot was like an angel who came to fill our lives (even my father's, who was always been colder than winter his whole life) with tons of love, and he certainly fullfilled that mission. Tot gave my mother a different look towards cats and made her start loving them. To her, Tot was like another son, and he was also like a brother to my sister and I

I won't ever forget all the cute and funny moments that Tot spent together with us ever since my sister and his boyfriend rescued him from the street when he was just a little kitten.

We did everything within human capabilities to try to save his life, but in the end, that fucking virus just was impossible to wipe out... and all we can do now is to be thankful for what he has given to us while he lived.

So yeah, I might either still animate or take a break from animation, depending on how I feel, but for now... I think I will just rest, I don't know.

So yeah, if you got to this point of the post then thank you so much for reading! and sorry if this post seems so horribly written and formated, I really can't do much in the state of mind I am right now. I'll see what I can do now in the meantime... so yeah, see you someday



I'm sorry, little bro... I did everything I could to save you but at least now your suffering has stopped... Rest in piece my friend, and thank you for everything!



Posted by madnesia19 - January 1st, 2019

I don't really have anything to talk about so yeah, happy new year xd


Posted by madnesia19 - December 25th, 2018

Hey guys, I just wanted to make this post to wish you a Merry Christmas!!


Also, I finally started working on AMA Episode 5




Posted by madnesia19 - November 3rd, 2018

Enjoy ;3


Posted by madnesia19 - September 21st, 2018

I would say that I didn't make anything for this year AGAIN but, surprise surprise, I actually did make something!!

It's just that.... It really isn't anything you would expect me to upload for Madness Day, like, an actual animation, for instance.

So yeah, take this shitpost I made in one night.

Like it, dislike it, whatever, I'll just resume working on episode 4's spin-off

So yeah, cya xd


Posted by madnesia19 - August 26th, 2018

And now I'm actually 19 years old xdd


Posted by madnesia19 - June 15th, 2018

I forgot to tell you guys that I uploaded something new... Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is for those who haven't watched it yet

Warning: I'm still struggling to get the quality right... and it also has a few rendering bugs... better than perfect /s

Well, see you someday, I guess


Posted by madnesia19 - March 5th, 2018

Hi there! I think it's been a while since I last posted in here, and this post might be a bit long... I think, I don't really know, but I'll try to tell everything I've got to tell you in here.

First of all, it's been a month since I released AMA4: The Extremists. I didn't upload it on NG because it would have got taken down just like AMA2 and AMA3 for copyrighted music or something like that, but my series is still alive and well on Youtube ;3

So, if you haven't watched AMA4 yet, you can watch it in here

Well, another thing I wanted to tell you is that I'm currently working on Episode 4's spin-off, and here's a lil preview pic of it


It will be about AMA4's villain before he fucked everything up xdd

I will also be away for a long while, and probably my animation progress will be slower than ever, because I'm going to be studying at the university for the first time in my life... and this is an extremely big deal for me xd

So yeah, I'll try to animate my stuff for Dudingdarn's collab every chance I get, and I hope I can finish it before August, although something tells me that something bad is gonna happen...

So yeah, I think I already told ya everything I wanted to tell you, so... I'll see you guys sometime, maybe. I hope I'm not forced to quit on Madness just to study for all the stuff I have to do on my university.

OH, by the way! To end this post, I'll leave ya with some preview pics from another future project I wanna work on... I'll explain more about it later... ;)



Cya guys!


Posted by madnesia19 - January 18th, 2018

Stay tuned...

BTW, here's the last AMA3 Aftermath Comic


3807900_151632215271_Comic7.png3807900_151632220291_Comic8.pngNow... You know what comes next... :)


Posted by madnesia19 - January 15th, 2018


Sorry xd