2 fans needed..

2013-12-12 15:06:12 by madnesia19

to finally reach 40 fans..... also I'm in spacegod's collab :)


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2013-12-12 15:33:17

C'mon, let's madnesia to 40 fans!

madnesia19 responds:

lel yiss.... :3


2013-12-12 15:40:21

i was the 38th fan :P

madnesia19 responds:

lel ik thx


2013-12-12 16:03:51

Go on then, I'll fan you. I have a lot of favourite users right now.
Well, you can never have too much, hmm?

Let's hope this fortieth fan shows up quick-time!
Take care now.

madnesia19 responds:

Oh thank you :DDDD