Entry #145


2014-05-07 12:33:07 by madnesia19

The real reason of why my PC got fucked up, was for the weak power supply

It died, that's why.

So, since it's not a deadly virus, NO NEED OF FORMATTING!!!!!

Still,  progress is still stopped until I get back my PC with a new and stronger power supply 

i hate waiting >:/


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2014-05-07 12:39:56

Yay...hooray for you.

Soo how your computer now?

madnesia19 responds:

I think my computer will get the new power supply tomorrow.
Then in the afternoon, it will be back on my house :D


2014-05-07 17:23:16

mee 2222

madnesia19 responds:

waiting is torture ;C


2014-05-08 04:23:53

power shortage.
the most deadly of computer killers.

madnesia19 responds: